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You don't have to do this alone. Therapy can provide a new perspective, research supported treatments for a wide range of issues, guidance and emotional support that is sometimes missing when you try to navigate change on your own. 


Perhaps there are areas of your life in which you feel stuck. Unresolved issues, including traumatic experiences may be keeping you trapped in patterns of unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that can lead to discouragement, frustration, and self-recrimination.

It's hard to get started. It may be something you keep putting off. If you would like to talk about it before setting up a regular appointment, we can do that. I'm happy to provide an initial free phone consultation as a starting point.

To schedule a consult, please fill out the appointment request form and we will contact you about setting up a day and time that works for you.

Be sure to check out the Insurance & Information page for answers to some frequently asked questions.

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