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After your initial phone consultation, you will receive an invitation to join the client portal. Setting up the portal is a two step process designed to ensure your security: 

1.    Click on the link in your invitation to the portal. Fill out the short form.

2.    Check for a confirmation email. Follow the link to go directly to your client portal page.

                    3.   Complete the signup process. After you complete the signup, you will be able to log in.


If you have any difficulty signing on to the portal, please email us at     


USING INSURANCE?  Please send a copy of the front and back of your insurance card and a copy of a valid ID if you would like us to bill your insurance for your visits. Insurance info must be received at least two days prior to your visit so we can call in and verify your benefits.


FOR TELEHEALTH VISITS: Please download and return the following four consent forms prior to the day of your appointment.


FOR IN PERSON VISITS: Forms will be available to sign when you arrive for your appointment.

HOW TO RETURN DOCUMENTS: The client portal is the best way to send in copies of your insurance card and and ID, such as a driver's license. Create a message on the portal, click ATTACHMENTS at the bottom to attach your copies. If you do not see the word ATTACHMENTS at the bottom, then you are probably logged on with a tablet or smartphone app which do not support file sharing. Instead log on to to create messages that will allow you to attach files. 

You may also fax in copies of your insurance card, valid ID, and consent forms to 480-634-4562.

Client Services Agreement
Assignment of Benefits
Telehealth Consent
HIPAA Notice of Privacy


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