Depression & Other Mood Disorders

Sadness is a part of life and it is normal to be sad when bad things happen. When you are sad all the time, when this sadness is accompanied by other symptoms such as apathy, a loss of interest you used to enjoy, feeling like you can't or don't want to get out of bed, and other symptoms, it could be a sign of depression.

Research suggests that psychotherapy applied correctly is very effective in treating depression. We live in a fast paced, high demand, society.  It is understandable that individuals want a quick solution to their problems and may expect that taking a pill will resolve their depression, but research has repeatedly shown that psychotherapy is a key component in the successful treatment of depression.


Individuals that suffer from depression tend to develop patterns of negative thinking about themselves and the world around them. Psychotherapy teaches individuals how to change their patterns of thinking and change their behaviors in order to take back control and reduce feelings of helplessness.


Individuals that suffer from  extreme mood swings may have Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar disorder involves depressive episodes with manic episodes that can become periods where there is a reduced need for sleep. Individuals can become  impulsive and engage in high risk behaviors such as excessive spending, gambling, or behaviors which negatively affect their relationships and work;  however, bipolar disorder is treatable, usually with a combination of psychotherapy and medication.

There is hope for relief for people that suffer from depression and bipolar disorder, but just like learning to cope with any other illness, it requires making the decision to seek help so that one can take control and move forward toward living a happier more fulfilling life.

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